The electro-hydraulic Crawford 630 combidock is a dock leveller specially designed for applications where vehicles with large variations in size and design use the same bay for loading and unloading. The Crawford 630 combidock eliminates the need for different ramp heights and thereby reduces building costs. It is advisable to equip every frequent loading area with at least one Crawford 630 combidock so that vehicles of all sizes can he efficiently handled.


Lorry or van – just turn the switch!


Simply set the selection switch and the relevant automation program is started. When set on “Small Lorries”, leveller lip side tongues are retracted and the width is reduced by 1000 mm. At the same time, the downforce of the leveller platform is reduced by a hydraulic unit. Just use the selector switch for return to standard lorry performance.

Technical Data


Nominal lenght, mm




Nominal width, mm



Load capacity


6 tonnes (60 kN)




2 tonnes (20 kN)


Vertical working range:


Rise above dock, mm


Fall below dock, mm








Platform tear-plate thickness with
platform reinforcements according to
the load capacity


8/10 mm




RAL 5010, Hot dip galvanized


Lip material & length Aluminium


500 mm

Nominal voltage


400V 3-phase


Nominal motor power


1,5 kW


European standard 

 EN 1398 dock levellers



Buffers – galvanized plate, sliding buffer, steel.

Leveller platform- painting RAL colors, hot galvanized.

Additional – wheel guides.

Automation- DOCK IN system, traffic lights