Do you need a service maintenance contract?

You need it, if you want:
To reduce the number of emergency shutdowns
To provide additional security of employees, goods and technics
To plan repair expense in advance
To reduce energy usage
To extend the period of equipment operation
We provide service maintenance for doors of any brands and manufacturers: Dorhan, Alutech, Albany, Crawford, Dynaco, Hormann.
We provide maintenance for:

Overhead sectional doors;
High speed doors;
Folding doors;
Dock Levellers;
Dock shelters;
Lift tables;
Pedestrian automatic entrance doors;
Our program includes:
1. People
1. SKILLED PROFESSIONALS, who have experiences in equipment of different manufacturers, therefore technical maintenance is provided in compliance with all the requirements
able to fix any problem, from welder
to electrician
3. All the members of our staff have SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCES in industries: we pay attention to all the additional requirements of the client for work in special technical areas
4. Our service engineers follow the WORKER SAFETY AND HEALTH REGULATIONS. Each engineer has all the authorization documentation and certificates of professional training обучения
5. Unlike by our competitors, OUR TEAM INCLUDES TWO ENGINEERS, therefore maintenance and repairs are made at least twice faster
6. WORKS ARE INTEGRATED AND ACCOMPLISHED IN THE TURN-KEY MANNER, after the works are accomplished the workplace is cleaned up
2. Technical equipment:
1. Having a large number of service cars, we can guarantee the immediate response and fast arrival to the object
2. Our service cars are new vans
3. All the cars are fully equipped, expendable material and all the necessary tools for each emergency case are on hand
4. There are a lot of often used spare parts stocked in the cars
5. Our engineers are equipped with tablet computers with all necessary schedules and instructions
6. We have our own warehouse with stock details and materials
7. Repairs are made in one visiting
3. Our office:
Efficient work of our office allows us to perform tasks accurately and on time
Managers are ready to calculate financial viability of different service procedures
We send scanned documents via e-mail promptly upon completion and send originals by courier service
Accounting department prepares documents immediately
Our pricing is fully transparent; we always provide acts that substantiate the cost of works in detail
We offer flexible payment system and various types of service maintenance contracts
Technical expert with extensive experience helps service engineers to solve complex problems
We have direct contacts and cooperation schemes with all the spare parts manufacturers
Our workflow is fully transparent; we always provide acts that show cost of works performed
All this allows us to solve problems of any complexity
within a short time
We offer flexible payment system and various types of
service maintenance contracts
Priority service
No pre-payment
Fixed prices
Detailed inspection of an object
One team
Carrying out an inspection of compliance by customer's employees with the equipment operating rules
Control of conformance of equipment operating modes with technological processes
Equipment maintenance (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment)
Accident prevention
Repairs contract
Service maintenance contract
We are trusted by
We guarantee
Compliance with the manufacturer’s maintenance regulation
Fast arrival upon emergency service requests
Turn-key work performance
Workplace cleaning after works completion