High speed doors

High speed of door closing/opening allows speeding up industrial processes on premises as a result increase productivity; keeping the appropriate environmental conditions, which reduces energy costs; protecting from dust and draft improving conditions of work and quality of products. High speed doors Albany ASSA ABLOY is a reliable investment in future and tool for profit markup.


Albany is a founder of high speed doors sector and highly recommended in variety of industrial fields all over the world. One can find small-sized Albany doors on assembly-line as well as large-sized on outdoor opening; economic solution for supermarkets and retail, as well as high technology doors, to be used for robot operation or in clean rooms.


Innovation has always proved to be a driving force for Albany´s success and has led to unique developments, e.g. DiscDrive technology, a low-wear winding mechanism for high-speed roll doors with an aluminium curtain, non-contact safety devices such as the light barrier preceding the door or high-strength RollTex fabric door curtains, and innovative controllers such as the MCC Vector Control system, to name just a few examples.