Crawford 670 SIB


The food industry puts high demands on loading bay sealing in order to keep the cold chain as intact as possible. The dock shelter must provide continuous weather protection throughout the entire loading and unloading operation.


Contrary to other types of dock shelters, with the Crawford 670 SIB inflatable shelter the vehicle does not push towards the shelter. Instead, the shelter is inflated around the docked vehicle, providing complete sealing. The inflatable shelters are suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes and their sealing capacity exceeds by far the standard normally required by operators.


In rest position, the Crawford 670 Inflatable Shelter SIB is completely retracted behind the side structures, giving the vehicle driver the possibility to use the complete width of the loading bay when reversing into it. In addition, yellow front line indicators further facilitate the dock-in navigation. Stable collision protectors at the ramp height prevent shelter damages.

Technical Data

Normal height

3755, 4055, 4355, 4555 mm


Nominal width 


3600 mm


Normal depth


770, 1020 mm



  • reinforced corner seals
  • various top seal height 
  • same control unit with dockleveller/ door
  • various dockshelter depth