Crawford 610 SwingDock.

The Crawford 610 swingdock is the standard solution in general industry applications and easy to operate. The swing lip safely bridges the gap between the ramp and the vehicle bed.

The operation of a 610 swingdock is based on an electro hydraulic swinging mechanism which bridges the last centimetres between the building and the vehicle bed. When the dock leveller is raised, the lip swings out and then – when lowered – lays down safely onto the lorry bed. After loading or unloading, the leveller is raised again by the push of a button and automatically returns to its parking position, i.e. to ramp level. To enable the handling of vehicles with different widths, the swing lips are available in different configurations: square, shaped or with fold down segments.

Technical Data


Nominal lenght, mm


2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 mm

Nominal width, mm


1750, 2000, 2200 mm


Load capacity


6 tonnes (60 kN)


Vertical working range:


Rise above dock, mm


Fall below dock, mm








Platform tear-plate thickness with
platform reinforcements according to
the load capacity


6/8, 8/10 mm


Lip material & length Steel


400 / 500 mm


Nominal voltage


400V 3-phase


Nominal motor power


1,5 kW


European standard



EN 1398 Dock levellers









with galvanized plate




steel spring






painted RAL












EPDM sealing


low temperature oil


iso panel


parking guides






traffic lights