Frozen and fresh food products must reach the customers in carefully pre-determined condition. Unbroken temperature chains in storage, loading and transportation are vital. In addition, big temperature differences between the inside and outside of a cold storage facility might create costly energy losses during loading and unloading. The Crawford 624 Isodock has been designed to cope with such demands. This insulated docking system can reduce energy losses by up to 75 percent compared to conventional designs.


Unlike conventional docking systems, the Crawford 624 isodock leveller is placed behind a well insulated sectional door. It is also hermetically sealed off from below, pre venting cold or hot air access.


Studies made by the Institute of Thermo dynamics at Hanover University show that Crawford 624 isodock, compared to conventional docking systems, creates energy savings of up to 75 percent – corresponding to the annual average energy cost of a detached house!

Technical Data

Nominal lenght, mm


2000, 2500, 3000  


Nominal width, mm


2000, 2200 


Load capacity


6 tonnes (60 kN)


Vertical working range:


Rise above dock, mm


Fall below dock, mm




380 – 520 


450 – 460 


Platform tear-plate thickness with
platform reinforcements according to
the load capacity


8/10 mm


Coating RAL 5010, Hot dip galvanized

Lip material & length Steel or aluminium 


1000 mm


Nominal voltage


400V 3-phase


Nominal motor power


1,5 kW


European standard 

 EN 1398 dock levellers



Buffers – galvanized plate, sliding buffer, steel.

Leveller platform- painting RAL colors, hot galvanized.

Additional – wheel guides.

Automation- DOCK IN system, traffic lights