Installation of the doors for the factory of “Petro” is continuing

The factory of “Petro” entered into a contract with our company on the installation of 10 different types of the doors within the planned repair of the factory.


As yet, our service engineers have installed two doors – high speed doors (Albany) and folding doors (Domoferm).


High speed doors fulfil a few functions, it divides rooms with different temperatures, protects the equipment acting as transport gateway and provides security for the workers in automated work zones. All these functions satisfy the requirements of the factory of “Petro” which refers to food industry.


Folding doors are universal and do not require much space inside (it is very important especially in warehouse area).


Our service engineers are continuing the installation of the doors for the factory. Now they are installing overhead sectional doors Crawford 1042P. Changes in the schedule are not foreseen.