Timely maintenance - a guarantee of a long work

As well as door installation PetroSklad company offers a wide choice of door service programs. You can pick up one of the standard program or make up an individual service plan with our specialists, according to your requirements. Depending on door system installed, we will help you to choose an optimal service plan.


The importance of maintenance of automatic entrance


In order to keep the equipments’ work on a perfect level and avoid losses, regular service is mandatory. (is needed) After installation of door system, we offer to sign a contract for regular service programs.


Regular service allows:


  • to cut the operating door costs;
  • to follow changers and failures in equipment operation in time;
  • to cut and reduce the next service works’ costs.


Furthermore, regular service guarantees the safety of equipment operation.


Before signing the service contract, particular features of your door system and your requirements will be taken into account.


Prophylaxis and repair faults


The service program includes:


  • Regular inspection of door automation.
  • Prophylaxis of worn parts.
  • Eliminations of breakdowns if necessary.


In time service provides reliable operation for all door types, including special solutions ( fire protecting and cold storage doors).


Automatic door systems are one of the most important elements in business processes nowadays. Failures in operation can cause significant losses.


Service maintenance can helps you to avoid big failures, downtimes as well as that provides safety on the work place.