Fire Protection Doors


When you talking about fire protecting doors, sliding and swing metal doors are firstly coming to ones mind. But those types of doors have several disadvantages. First, these doors can take too much usable space or there can be no space for the door moving, because of building construct. Second, these doors can’t be used as regular ones, they are not suitable for instant use, they are designed to be used in case of fire.


If you face up this difficulties on you facility, we offer you to consider the best solution to meet all your needs – the usage of the Effertz companys’ doors. It can be “ Fire Protecting Rolling Doors” with space-saving design consisting of steel laminas with special filling. When opened doors pull up in a roll behind the door opening and don’t take up too much space.


Or it can be an innovative product Firewall, overhead folding doors, which as well as fire protection characteristics can be used as a regular door, suitable for instant use.