Crawford 542

The Crawford 542 overhead sectional door designed to be used in applications like warehouses, car services and car washes, logistic centers and all kinds of production plants. The design is optimal for customers who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors in the outer walls of industrial premises.


The sectional door slides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around door opening to be used with the most efficiency for your business.


A high quality, 42 mm thick, sandwich panel provides good insulation values and corrosion protection. The design in combination with a glossy color finish gives the door a modern, attractive and unique appearance. This, together with a number of operational options, means that Crawford 542 overhead sectional door meets practically every individual demand.

Technical Data

Size up to (WхH)


8000х6000 mm


Panel thickness


42 mm


Wind load, EN12 4242:


Class 3 DLW


Class 2 DLW




< 4250 mm


> 4250 mm

Thermal transmittance, EN12428:


Full panel steel door


Full panel aluminium door



1,0 W/m2K


1,1 W/m2K


Crawford provides a wide range of options and accessories to customise the Crawford 542 overhead sectional door to any customer's needs.

Installed in door panel


with or without doorstep


Panel windows


DARP: Double glazed Acrylic,

Rectangular Pane DAOP: Double glazed Acrylic, Oval Pane


Framed section






242 door section


chain hoist (D type, U type, T type), CDM9 operator


photocells, magnetic loop, additional safety systems, radiocontrol, digital radars