RR 3000

RapidRoll 3000 Series.


Albany RapidRoll® 3000 series combine the greatest functionality with modern design. The innovative Disc Drive technology used in the RapidRoll 3000 supports the door curtain movement thereby ensuring a long service life. The aluminum slats are wound onto winding discs without contact. Using this technology, the door can be opened and closed very quickly and with no wear.


The side frames are manufactured from galvanized steel and can optionally be powder-coated in a wide variety of RAL colors. Depending on special requirements and conditions of use there are five different versions: 3000, 3000 GL, 3000 R, 3000 XXL and 3000 ISO.


The improved insulation of the RapidRoll 3000 ISO ensures constant climatic conditions and energy savings. A U-value of 1.4 W/m2K is achieved with the thermally separated door curtain.


The 3000 GL series features a stylish design, achieved by using large, crystal-clear SAN plastic windows and an attractive appearance with allow for easy integration into building facades where natural light is required.

Technical Data

Min size


600 x 1500 mm


Max size


7000 x 5000 mm


Wind resistance (EN 12424)


up to 3 Class,

depending on modification




pre-running photocells,

stationary photocells


Speed open


from 2,0 m/s up to 2,5 m/s


Speed close


from 0,5 m/s up to 0,7 m/s


Door Curtain


Clear Polycarbonate (PC) window slats, transparency > 70%, Anodised aluminium slats (exterior) with additional (interior) insulating chamber




motor and top roll cover


Safety systems


light barrier


Control systems


digital radar, magnetic loops, remote control, laser scanner