Rapid Roll

Flexibility in the applications.

Thanks to its modular structure, the door can be assembled according to the customer’s requirements and provides convincing price-quality trade off.


Door components can be made of different materials, depending on conditions of use.


For example, vertical tracks can be made of galvanized or stainless steel.


As well as that different control systems can be chosen according to requirements for opening/closing speed and frequency of use. Space-saving design of Rapid Roll doors caters for almost unlimited possibilities of installation and maintenance-friendly design resulting in minimal service costs.


This series include several door models: RR300 (available in different modifications), RR355, RR392, RR450, RR600.

Technical Data

Minimum size


500х500 mm


Maximum size


7500х6000 mm


Wind resistance (EN 12424)


up to 3 Class,

depending on modification




electrical safety contact edge,

pre-running photocells, stationary photocells


Speed open


from 0,8 m/s up to 3,0 m/s


Speed close


from 0,5 m/s up to 1,0 m/s


Door Curtain


silicon free, sturdy Rolltex




motor and top roll cover


Safety systems


light barrier


Control systems


digital radar, magnetic loop, remote control, laser scanner