Rapid Protection

Safety in automated processes.


The most important aspect of the manufacturing process is safety. The smallest faults can lead ti downtimes or put personnel at risk.


A type-tested machine protection door, this high-quality Albany product provides outstanding protection with complies with numerous machine safety directives. Furthermore, it is characterized by short cycle times, a long service life and absolute reliability.


First of all Rapid Protection doors are suitable for using in automated processes on premises and designed to be used for protecting people and/or equipment on dangerous parts of premises, for example, near welding robot machines or stamping presses. There are two modification available : RP300 with soft curtain and RP2000 with robust aluminum curtain.

Technical Data

Place of installation


for personnel and equipment protection at high-risk areas


Conformed standards


EN ISO 13849-1, EN 62061, EN ISO 12100 и EN 1088


Usage rate


up to 5 cycles per minute of non-stop operation


Door curtain


Anodised aluminum or Rolltex


Door dimensions – max Hx W


4000 x 3500 mm


Open/close up to max


2,4 / 1,8 m per second



Control system/ drive unit


MCC Vector Control with UPS, Machine is controlling the door by potential-free contacts




Pre-running safety  photocell


Door curtain


Rolltex, Nomatex