Work on maintenance of fire door Effertz Firewall T60 at Shopping Center MEGA Parnas has been completed

On November, 20 we have completed the work on maintenance of a fire door at the Shopping Center MEGA Parnas. The Swedish Food Market behind the IKEA checkout area used to have no separate entrance from the lobby of the shopping center and was separated from it by a fire wall.


In order to increase the accessibility of the Swedish Food Market for customers, decision was taken to install a separate entrance from the lobby of the shopping center. Since it was necessary to maintain a fire barrier there, the fire wall should be replaced with the fire door. The Customer chose the Efferts Firewall T 60 fire door as it meets all the European fire safety requirements: provides a high level of safety of staff and visitors in the event of fire, doesn’t take much space on each side of the doorway (unlike the conventional one) and can be used as a doorway (can be opened and closed on a daily basis).


In order to use the shopping center in a normal mode of operation, engineers of our company carried out the work at night. The visitors did not even notice that the work was being performed. Everything was done without incident within the timescale agreed.