Repairing works of the doors and docking systems of the building 2 of MLP Utkina zavod are continuing


Repairing works of the building 2 of MLP Utkina zavod logistic center are continuing. The equipment needs serious renewal and large repair expenses, because there was not regular maintenance of the doors and docking systems.


There are common situations in the logistics industry, when a lessee thinks that his lessor must make equipment repairs, but the lessor, in his turn, thinks his lessee is responsible for it. They start to consider a problem of the doors’ and docking systems maintenance just at the end of the lease term. By this time the equipment will have been in state of neglect after its long life. There is the beginning of the controversy between the lessor and his lessee and the question is who should pay for the equipment repairs. Finally, one of them will bear large non-recurring expenses.


You could avoid these problems by timely equipment maintenance and its preventive maintenance. In this case the costs would be significantly lower, and besides, evenly distributed across the lease term.