Installation of the docking system for the factory “Jacobs” was finished


In January, our service engineers finished the installation of the loading bay for the factory “Jacobs”. We chose a special solution for the factory to ensure maximum thermal insulation of its warehouses, аnd specifically:


  • Dock leveller Assa Abloy Crawford 6020 TeleDock with a 1000mm telescopic lip. Such kind of the lip allows to put the dock leveller behind the doors and thermal circuit, so there is not a cold bridge and thermal insulation reaches the maximum level.
  • Dock shelter Assa Abloy Crawford 6062 SMP with a self-adjusting roof frame, which adjusts automatically to the height of the vehicle. Thus, it is tightly covered up by curtains not only at the sides, but also from above, so the dock shelter ensures good thermal insulation and reliable protection from atmospheric influences. And beyond that, risks of damage of the dock shelter by vehicles decrease.
  • Corner seals behind the side curtains of the dock shelter. The corner seals are tightly covered up by the curtains during parking of the vehicle, so it prevents warehouses from penetration of the cold air during the loading.
  • Vehicle restraint system does not let the vehicle move forward in case loading and unloading process has not being finished